Are you ready for the #1 thing that will finally repel the narcissist for good?

When you are unaware of how you were conditioned in childhood and by your toxic Ex, you find yourself lost, and in cycles of pain and melodrama. 

The good news is, you can break free from those.





I remember driving in the car listening to an audio book by Jen Sincero, You are a Badass, and thinking "I can't wait until my family cannot recognize me because I have shifted from the codependent daughter to a powerful cycle breaker."

And you can find your unique badass self too! 

Little did I know how powerful Human Design would be in my journey in discovering my purpose and authentic self.

Most people think Human Design is just another personality test system, but in actuality it is your soul’s unique energy blueprint guide “book” that can help you know how your energy flows and what your life’s lesson theme is. Once you know yourself intimately through your Human Design chart you can bust through all the blocks and myths that are lowering your self esteem, making you doubt yourself, and flow with the Universe in your life’s decisions. 

You too can benefit from Human Design by being seen and heard. This tool will bring you awareness to rewrite your own narrative of your life based on your unique energetic blueprint to vanquish all the lies and live a powerful, abundant and fulfilled life


With help from my spiritual healing energy and human design knowledge, 

I awaken you to your unique soul talents, themes, and purpose. 

And help you break free from the lies and guilt that weigh you down from society and narcissism in certain relationships in your life. 

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Know what your true identity and gifts you bring to the world.
Discover your energy centers and gates (personality themes and talents).
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Know where your Vulnerabilities are to the narcissist. And how to guard them and shift them into wisdom and your superpower to repel them.
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Heal through Human Design.
With multiple healing modalities, you will receive chakra healing, and soul healing during session with Raven.
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Discover your Purpose and Value
 Know what your Life Theme is and means and  how to use it to find your unique life purpose and path. 
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I’ve had a huge shift in my life. My heart ties with my covert, have been completely cut!!! 

Your support has helped me in my healing journey tremendously!!!

- Jody
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Thank you again you’ve helped me so much on my healing journey. I’m going to the meditation exercise you recommended to do another meditation. Thank you again

- Becka

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Don’t ever stop what you’re doing! You have no idea how much you are needed and how much you are helping! I’m sure most are too shy to mention a lot of it. This has been very difficult to share in public! 

You are beyond brave, and you are an inspiration 🙌❤️ I’m not sure if my family would have even survived without your help .”

- Christine